Hi there, I’m Sam Dylan Finch! I’m an ADHD and positive psychology coach who supports clients in increasing their resiliency, productivity, and overall well-being.

You deserve a coach who’s been there.

When I started my mental health journey over a decade ago, I thought that the process would be simple enough. I’d talk to a therapist, take some medications, and *POOF!* my life would magically sort itself out.

While these tools have been essential in my healing, there was still a big part of the equation missing: How was I going to build an everyday life that felt worthwhile?

I wanted routines, structure, and confidence moving through my life. I wanted to stop feeling like each day was an uphill battle with my brain. So I became an expert in supporting people with those same challenges.

As a positive psychology practitioner and ADHD coach, I specialize in supporting clients with executive dysfunction, including clients with ADHD and anxiety.

Let’s tackle it together.

Ever feel like you’re sort of just winging the whole “adulting” thing? I know what it’s like to have more lemons than you can possibly make lemonade with. 🍋 That’s why I’m here.

I became a resiliency coach and peer professional because, like you, I needed support that I wasn’t finding in our current mental health system.

I am equal parts educator, peer support, and coach, helping you to navigate daily life with a lot more ease.

Our areas of focus include:

+ Routines & Productivity

+ Procrastination & Anxiety

+ Stress & Resiliency

+ Burnout & Self-Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your credentials?
I am a former coach and curriculum developer for Inflow – ADHD, a science-backed ADHD management app developed by clinical experts. I am also completing my certification as a positive psychology practitioner through the School of Positive Transformation. Additionally, I have worked as a mental health journalist and educator for the last eight years at medically-reviewed publications like Healthline, Psych Central, and more.

What is a typical session like?
While most coaches will take several sessions to “get to know you,” I find that my clients are more interested in getting tools and tips upfront. This is why I focus on offering concrete tools and education in the very first session, while asking in-depth questions to assess what types of support would work best for you.

How much will this cost?
I offer my services on a sliding scale of $125-175 USD. For those who cannot afford this fee, I encourage you to reach out via email so we can find an alternative! This fee includes not only the session itself, but a write-up of our session notes and resources that you can refer back to later on.