“The world needs braver, bolder stories.”

When Sam Dylan Finch launched his blog, Let’s Queer Things Up!, in 2014, he had one objective: Start a conversation. With a keen eye for powerful storytelling in the digital age, Finch’s blog would quickly go viral, amassing millions of readers in just a few short months.

Five years later, Finch’s work is considered an invaluable resource on mental health, body image, and LGBTQ+ inclusion and education.

He’s become a prolific writer and public speaker, with essays challenging conventional ideas about how we approach mental health and wellness — both clinically and culturally — as well as crafting smart, engaging social content that has trended worldwide.

Featured as a standout influencer by the likes of Seventeen Magazine, Refinery29, and Bitch Magazine, Finch’s work has raised the bar, pushing for greater inclusion and nuance in how we talk about mental health.

He currently serves as the Editor of Mental Health & Chronic Conditions at Healthline.com.