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For nearly a decade, Sam has harnessed the power of digital media to empower readers, challenge stigma, and make mental health content accessible to all.

He currently works as Content Marketing Manager for Alma.

He previously worked as Content Marketing Director at Oar Health, as well as at Inflow – ADHD, Healthline, Psych Central, and Upworthy.

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7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Lose Your ‘Quarantine 15’

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Crazy Talk at Healthline

An advice column for honest, unapologetic conversations about mental health with advocate Sam Dylan Finch. While he’s not a certified therapist, he has a lifetime of experience living with his own mental health struggles. He’s learned things the hard way so that you (hopefully) don’t have to.

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Blues Qs at Bezzy

Blues Qs is an advice column covering all things clinical depression. Diagnosed with clinical depression over a decade ago, Sam has seen it all — from medication mishaps to grippy sock “staycations.” He’s here to help you navigate your own depression journey with a little humor and a lot of heart.

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Let’s Queer Things Up!

Let’s Queer Things Up! is a community mental health resource by and for the LGBTQ+ community. With over 10 million unique readers, the site boasts a dedicated following across the globe. Created in 2014, the blog chronicles Sam Dylan’s journey in recovery as well as exploring mental health from a distinctly queer lens.

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Woo Curious at Greatist

Woo Curious is a column for the spiritually-inclined among us. With bimonthly “tarotscopes” for each astrological sign, Woo Curious combines pop psychology and tarot for a unique take on mental health and wellness. You don’t have to be a believer to get the message — just a healthy dose of curiosity will do.

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