Words on mental health & the magic of being.

Sam Dylan Finch is a columnist, digital strategist, and media influencer living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A prolific writer, Sam’s keen interest in pop psychology — as well as his knack for accessible, viral content — has solidified his place as a respected voice in mental health and wellness.

In 2014, Sam launched Let’s Queer Things Up!, a blog exploring mental health from a queer perspective. His platform has since reached millions of readers worldwide. He also pens the popular columns Woo Curious, a spiritual approach to self-care, and Crazy Talk, a “real talk” advice column tackling the complexities of living with mental illness.

As a mental health influencer and advocate, Sam’s work explores themes of self-empowerment, authenticity, and joyful living. To date, he’s been featured in The New York Times, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, Good Morning America, Refinery29, Bustle, Bitch Magazine, and more.

He is currently the Lead Editor of Mental Health & Chronic Conditions at Healthline.com.