Writer, editor, and content strategist.

Hi there, I’m Sam! I’m a writer and digital media expert based in Seattle, WA.

I use my combined expertise in mental health and digital media to produce engaging, uplifting content for platforms like Healthline, Greatist, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Medium, Upworthy, and more.

Most recently, I worked as the Content & Community Lead for Inflow, a science-based app that helps users manage their ADHD through psychoeducation, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness.

I run a successful blog, Let’s Queer Things Up!, discussing the intersections of mental health and the LGBTQ+ community. I previously served as the Lead Editor of Mental Health for Healthline and the Social Media Manager for Psych Central.

As a positive psychology practitioner, I also offer peer support coaching to those living with mental health challenges, particularly those with ADHD and executive dysfunction.

Download my resume here (PDF).


As a positive psychology practitioner, I support peers in developing resiliency skills in the face of mental health challenges.

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