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When Sam Dylan Finch launched his blog, Let’s Queer Things Up!, in 2014, he had one objective: Start a conversation.

As a writer and advocate, Sam saw the need for thoughtful, empathetic conversations around mental health, particularly among LGBTQ+ youth. What he didn’t quite expect was that the blog would amass millions of readers in just a few short months.

In the years since then, Sam has become a recognizable influencer in the mental health and wellness space, as well as being an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and body positivity… all while rocking a romper and glitter beard for good measure.

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Sam’s unapologetic, empathetic, and (at times) snarky voice resonates among his many readers, informed by his own lived experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anorexia nervosa, as well as his academic background in the social sciences and public health.

His viral Twitter threads — unpacking everything from LGBTQ+ discrimination to complex trauma — have trended worldwide, while his published articles are used as educational tools in universities, clinical trainings, and treatment centers around the country (it still hasn’t, however, earned him the respect of his two cats, who still see him primarily as a food dispenser).

His combined expertise in digital media and public health led him to his current role as Editor of Mental Health & Chronic Conditions at Healthline. As Editor, Sam has developed an engaging and compassionate brand voice, as well as accessible and empowering content for their 85 million monthly readers.

The spirit of his work is probably best captured in a recent interview with Subconscious Magazine, where he describes his vision for mental health media as a call for bravery.

“You know what’s the most extraordinary thing?” he asks. “Vulnerability. Softness. You show up, speak from the heart, and let your voice light the way for someone else. If we all did that, think about how much brighter the world would be.”

“I’m convinced that speaking the truth is the most powerful thing we’ll ever do,” he continues. That’s because, for Sam, this work is bigger than any one person — it’s about the power that digital media has to change our world for the better.

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You can connect with Sam on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or through his blog, Let’s Queer Things Up!. Or by carrier pigeon, if that’s your thing (in which case, he’s very impressed).