We can change the conversation around mental health.

It started with a viral blog. Nearly a decade later, writer and media expert Sam Dylan Finch continues to make an impact, using digital platforms to challenge stigma, uplift readers, and advocate for accessible mental health education for all.

Sam currently works as the Content Marketing Director at OarRx, in addition to his work as a social media creator and writer.

He previously worked as the Content & Community Lead for Inflow, a science-based app that helps users manage their ADHD through psychoeducation, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness. Prior to that role, he was the Lead Editor of Mental Health for Healthline.com.

As a positive psychology practitioner, Sam also offers peer support coaching to those living with mental health challenges, particularly those with ADHD and executive dysfunction.

Download his resume here (PDF).


As a positive psychology practitioner, I support peers in developing resiliency skills in the face of mental health challenges. Note: My waitlist is currently FULL at this time.

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