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Writing By Genre

Creative Non-Fiction Sample, “Snowdrops”: Creative NonFiction Sample SDF

“I liken your spine to a teacup. It is fragile and curved and ornate; I memorize the slope and rest my head upon your fleshy, tired back. I love your spine, perhaps above all things, and it has learned to love me – later that night, I imagine the warmth of my lips pressing against each vertebrae, slowly, as if to contemplate the shape.”


Fiction Sample, “Through Windows”:  Fiction Sample Sam Dylan Finch

“Tiny reflects on his first day at ‘Beach.’ A giant colorful ball that he can’t wrap his arms around – he chases it and kicks up sand. He picks it up and drops it again, and it bounces away. The majesty of holding something is replaced by the awe of losing it. He moves quickly, deliberately. At last, he can touch it yet again, and the wonder passes through him as a shudder. His finger is sore from a baby crab that he was going to keep forever. What’s wild is wild – what’s beautiful is difficult – and nothing, not even the ocean’s clamor in a little sea shell, is meant to be kept.”


Poetry Sample, “Alpha Centauri A”: Poetry Sample Sam Dylan Finch

“‘We can get another batch,’ I whisper,

but you shake your head.

‘This one was mine,’ you say,

and you offer nothing more.”


“Multitudes,” A Short Film. Directed & Filmed by Ray Krasicky, Written by Sam Dylan Finch:



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