Work With Me!

As a digital media strategist, creative consultant, and experienced content creator, I offer a wide variety of services to elevate your online platform and creative work.

Below is just a snapshot of what we can create together — take a look and if you’re interested, get in touch!

Writing & Editing

For media platforms: Need someone who’s got a way with words? I’ve got you! I can develop articles, digital resources, content series, social campaigns, and more, as well as offering editorial expertise to shape and refine content. Learn more

Digital Media Career Mentorship

For creatives: If you’re looking to break into digital publishing, find a career in content marketing, or need to refine that pitch you can’t seem to place, I’m here to help. I promise, it’s not a pipe dream — you just need someone on the inside to show you the ropes. Learn more

Creative Consulting

For businesses: I help organizations and agencies find impactful ways to deepen their audience relationships and outreach efforts. Whether it’s a stellar social media campaign or a branding conundrum, my expertise can take your work to the next level. Learn more

Brand Partnerships

For brands: With a combined audience of over 100,000 highly-engaged followers, my platform is a trusted authority on all things wellness, productivity, lifestyle, and mental health. I love boosting brands that are worth paying attention to. Let’s talk sponsored content! Learn more

1:1 Self-Empowerment Coaching

For people-pleasers: One of the greatest barriers to personal success — whatever that means for you — stems from a disconnect from our own authentic needs and desires. If you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of perfectionism and self-doubt, it’s time for some guidance. I can help! Learn more

Interviews & Public Speaking

For everyone: Whether it’s a workshop, conference, lecture, or a podcast, my voice always stands out. My combined expertise in journalism and public speaking makes for a powerful addition to any public speaking gig. From eating disorder awareness to LGBTQ+ inclusion, I know how to educate audiences while keeping them engaged. Learn more

Okay. Let’s make it happen!