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Positively Psyched!

Resiliency Skills Group

With wellness coaches Sam Dylan Finch and Peter Dakota

Positively Psyched! is a resilience-building skills group, utilizing positive psychology interventions to improve emotional wellbeing. In less fancy terms, the group is designed for anyone who feels “stuck” in their daily life, and is looking for more joy in their day-to-day.

The group is led by positive psychology practitioner Sam Dylan Finch and facilitated by Peter Dakota, with certified resources from the School of Positive Transformation.

Cost: $20.00 USD per month

When do we meet? At the beginning of each month, a survey will be sent out via Patreon to determine participants’ availability. We’ll aim for the highest attendance possible for our live session — but there will be a recording available to you regardless! 🙂

The Sessions

RESILIENCE: Where it comes from and how we reclaim it.

CHANGE: How and why we get stuck in old patterns.

MOMENTUM: A how-to for creating sustainable transformation.

MEANING: How we make sense of our world and why it matters.

HABITS: The building blocks for daily life and how we reshape them.

PASSION: The missing ingredient and where to find it.

CONNECTION: How knowing ourselves allows us to show up for others.

SELF-ESTEEM: How we rewrite the stories about ourselves, for ourselves.

SAFETY: How we identify and protect our needs.

BOUNDARIES: What they are and how we name them.

SELF-CARE: Finding serenity in a chaotic world.

JOY: Where it’s hiding and how we tap into it.